Is Pilates for Me?

Pilates is accessible to everyone, young, old, athletic, sedentary, or anyone in need of rehabilitation or sports injuries.

Pilates is for anyone who wants to improve their strength, and flexibility without adding bulk.

Pilates is for anyone who wants a REFRESHING, ENERGETIC WORKOUT.

Because Pilates sessions are done, ONE-ON-ONE with skilled certified Pilates instructors or in closely supervised small groups, each session is tailored to the Client.

Who Does Pilates?

· Business and professional people
· Athletes
· Physical fitness and training instructors
· Performers and artists
· People who suffer from Chronic pain or joint stress
· Senior Citizens
· Pregnant women – pre and postnatal
· Teenagers
· Anyone wishing to prevent osteoporosis
· Those who suffer from stress or back pain
· Overweight people

The System is so easy to use that it is recommended for senior citizens because it tones muscle, improves, posture, and helps prevent bone deterioration.

It is also excellent for pre/postnatal and body alignment, improve circulation, and recover body shape and tone after pregnancy.

The exercises stimulate the circulatory system oxygenating the blood, aiding lymphatic drainage and releasing endorphins, which are responsible for the “feel good” factor.

The immune system is given a boost to provide greater resistance of disease and illness.



“By exercising your stomach muscles your using the body, you don’t catch colds, you don’t get cancer, you don't get hernias.”



Is Pilates for Me?